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Back in November I had The Great Unfollowing on my FB feed, where I went through and unfollowed a shit ton of people for various reasons. Today I am having The Great Unfriending. If anyone on my feed enables the nazis in any way, I'm done. I kept some questionable people around, albeit mostly unfollowed, because of some kind of shared past: we went to elementary school together, or we dated in college, something like that. But if anyone finds themselves supporting nazis, or making apologies for nazis, or trying to gaslight the rest of the internet into this bullshit "we have to come together" nonsense, I'm done. They're nazis. The nazis are always the bad guys/gals. There is no way to improve things by "coming together" with nazis. I'm sure you've seen it said over and over in memes the last few days that it is impossible to be both a proud American and support nazis. It is also impossible to be both a proud American and support the confederacy by flying the stars and bars. If you can't openly condemn nazis without adding some qualification, you're wrong. So that's that.

Date: 2017-08-15 04:41 pm (UTC)
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good idea.


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