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Back in November I had The Great Unfollowing on my FB feed, where I went through and unfollowed a shit ton of people for various reasons. Today I am having The Great Unfriending. If anyone on my feed enables the nazis in any way, I'm done. I kept some questionable people around, albeit mostly unfollowed, because of some kind of shared past: we went to elementary school together, or we dated in college, something like that. But if anyone finds themselves supporting nazis, or making apologies for nazis, or trying to gaslight the rest of the internet into this bullshit "we have to come together" nonsense, I'm done. They're nazis. The nazis are always the bad guys/gals. There is no way to improve things by "coming together" with nazis. I'm sure you've seen it said over and over in memes the last few days that it is impossible to be both a proud American and support nazis. It is also impossible to be both a proud American and support the confederacy by flying the stars and bars. If you can't openly condemn nazis without adding some qualification, you're wrong. So that's that.
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This frowny photo is me piloting the canal boat in England last autumn. Husband took a bunch of photos from the shore while I was skippering and we laughed later about how unhappy I look in many of them. To be fair, in this photo I was also squinting into the sun. But sometimes I wonder how often I just look like this in day-to-day life...that whole "bitchy resting face" thing. So, that's what you see here, this is me, driving a boat in England.
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I have high hopes for blogging over here, which is comical because I just updated my profile to read that my current key to happiness is low expectations. I guess I'll feel better about it once I convince my tiny LJ readership to migrate over here.

I've got so many things to do today that I'm too scattered to be coherent right now, but here's a question I posed to the universe recently: unwaxed dental floss - WHY? I purchased unwaxed dental floss at the grocery a couple of weeks ago and that stuff is so useless it's pathetic. Also it's not only useless, it's highly annoying. So a few days ago when I went to Costco I splurged on high-end dental tape, and I got so excited about that it was kind of sad.

I'm still slogging along with this iteration of Couch to 5K. I started week three this morning and it wasn't bad. The routine is to do two reps of: jog 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, jog three minutes, walk three minutes. If I could just do that routine forever it wouldn't be a bad thing. Small twinge in my knee but I'm trying to ignore it.
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Yeah, so I'm thinking of coming over here since LJ has issues. Testing the dreamwidth waters. It looks so much like old school livejournal it's a bit bizarre. Experimenting with finding people I know over here.

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